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“5 1/2 years ago, I had Prostate Cancer surgery. Everything has been fine
since the surgery, so to speak. I have blood tests every 6 months. I’ve never
had to have any follow-up radiation or hormone treatment. What was happening,
though, was that my PSA reading was “INCHING” up very slightly every time.
It wasn’t at any danger level, but my doctor told me that if it hit a certain level, he would
recommend follow-up radiation treatment.

4 months ago, I saw the ad for your “Green Zone” product. I started taking it once
a day, with my regular vitamins. I noticed right away, a more ” Awake” feeling,
not yawning so much and felt good for the whole day. The most amazing thing
happened on my last blood test. For the first time, My PSA reading went down!
I can only attribute this to your “Green Zone” product! I will continue to take this
on a daily basis and plan to increase to twice a day! I’ve never felt better and
I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants better health!

Thank you so much for making this product. You have a customer for life!”


Frank Curcio

“I have been taking Bulle’s Serendipity program for just under 3 weeks and I have
already lost 14 pounds and 2 inches off of my waist! My energy level is through the
roof so now I can get up earlier, workout and still have a full workday with plenty
of energy. And my appetite, oh wow! Gone! I get full faster and I’ve lost those sugar
and carb cravings I had all the time. Not only do I look better but I feel great!”

Dustin Orozco, Owner/Operator His Hands Landscaping

“I love these products! Serendipity helped me lose weight and feel great! I now have
the confidence that I never had before. Now after 4 months I have lost 59 pounds and 6
pant sizes! I now get a full day of energy without getting jittery like when taking ephedra.
Now with help from the Seren EVE I can finally get a good night sleep. These products are
so great and have really helped me get healthy and back in shape again.”

Adam Carslin, Head Sales Consultant Brothers Honda

“In February 2005 I was desperately looking for a way to lose weight and become fit. At
first I was going to buy just some diet pill I saw in a magazine, praying that it would help.
I did a little shopping around first and came across Serendipity. I was explained to how the
product worked and it sounded awesome. I knew that this time if I wanted to cut the weight I
couldn’t just take a pill. So I got set up on a diet program of lean meats, fruits and
vegetables to eat while on serendipity. I knew that this was what was going to help me change my life and my bad eating habits. In February 2005 I was a fat, disgusting 307lbs. Now after taking the Serendipity program for 3 months I am a much leaner and more muscular 260 lbs! After taking Serendipity I’m still dropping the pant sizes and gaining lean muscle with protein royale shakes. It seemed tough at first but with a little effort I look and feel better and its even helped me change to a healthier life style. For me the Serendipity program even led me into a new job as a correctional officer which requires me to be physically fit and take frequent physical agility tests, surly I could not do this a few months before.”

Keith Ebel, Correctional Officer

“The Seren Oils were awesome! I had great results using Bulle’s Seren Oils. I started out at  185lbs and about 15% body fat. Within 30 days using Seren Oils along with Royale Gain, I was weighing 198lbs with a body fat percentage of 10%. The results were outstanding! The oils have definitely made a great impact, I have never been this cut or vascular. I have never had veins  cutting across my abs nor have I ever had an eight pack! Thanks to the Seren Oils, now I do. I  will continue using the oils to maintain this look. These are great products that I would recommend to all of my friends that want serious cuts and a ripped appearance.” Thanks for the great products!

Josh Babagan, Loss Prevention Agent; Abercrombie & Fitch

“In just a four weeks I have already lost 12 lbs and have kept it all off. I have a lot of energy
and I feel great! It’s just awesome! I’m absolutely motivated as this has happened so quickly for me. The Seren Eve is great, I don’t find myself yawning all day because I get a full nights sleep.”

Ann Frerichs, Massage Therapist

“I like serendipity a lot! I lost about 15 lbs and 2 pant sizes in just 6 weeks! I only bought
enough Seren Oils to get through the first two months so I’m going to purchase more oils soon. Thank you so much.”

Tiffany Schmidt, Engineer

“While taking the Serendipity over the past month I have already dropped 10 pounds and my pants are getting looser. My energy levels are up and my appetite is down. I look and feel better about myself.”

Amy Cummings, Health Care Receptionist

“I have been working out almost everyday for close to two hours each time. I take a hemodilator and protein before each session. I recently bought a bottle of your Stamstrong to try before beginning each session. The energy I got and the boost that your product gave me was amazing. I’m able to push myself and lift more weight as well as increased reps. All the things I have ever tried, this is my new favorite product. I’m making great gains and will continue to take you product as it has served me well. Thank you very much.”

MM3 Michael Nickel, U.S. Navy